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Cybersecurity Education Program (CEP)

Getting Started with Your Online Course

Once you receive your invitation to join the Securing the Human Course (via email), you'll need to go through some initial steps to get started.  

Step-by-Step Instructions for Getting Started with Canvas

The steps reviewed in the video above include:

  1. You will receive an invitation to join your course via email from tapd.cep@instructure.com.  Click the Get Started button in the email.

  2. If you have a Canvas account already with the email account you received your invitation as your username, select the I Have a Canvas Account button.  Otherwise, select the Create My Account button.

  3. If creating a new account, provide a password, tick the Terms of Use agreement box, and finally, click the Register button.  If using an already existing account with the email address you received your invitation in as your username, simply log in to Canvas.

  4. If you have not already set up an account avatar (does not apply for firs-time users of Canvas), select the Account link in the upper left corner.

  5. Click the Profile link.

  6. Hover over the blank avatar image and click the pencil icon which will appear.

  7. Take a picture of your face using the Take a Picture link if you have a connected webcam or click the Choose a Picture link to select an image from your device.

  8. You may now crop the image using the controllers around your image and click Save when done.

  9. Click the Dashboard link in the Global Navigation Menu

  10. Click the name of your course listed on the course card.

  11. Review the content of your course homepage.

  12. Click Modules in the Course Navigation Menu.

  13. Select the content page(s), quizzes, and/or assignments that are available to you in the various modules (i.e. sections of learning).

  14. Use the navigation buttons at bottom of each course page to move forward or backward in the sequence of your course.

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