Technical Training Proposal

K-12 High Speed Network and the Technical Assistance and Professional Development (TAPD) program are excited to announce an opportunity for you to submit technical training proposals for your county or district. This opportunity is available to all County Offices of Education and school districts with the capacity to stage training events for 15 or more participants. Program participants will be reimbursed for all costs associated with providing approved training events including training costs, facilities costs, catering, and materials.


We are continuing to accept training proposals through October 31, 2018! 


Proposal Form Link


The TAPD grant allows for professional development for K-12 IT professionals working in the area of network management.


Suggested Training Topics

  • Network Firewall

  • Network Switches & Routing

  • Microsoft Azure

  • Active Directory

  • Wireless Network Administration

  • Network Security


Applicants should be willing to accommodate individuals from outside their county or district boundary as well as reserve space for the technical staff members at small districts.  *Please note the minimum number of participants for a training is 15.


In the proposal form, applicants are asked to identify the following:

  • Existing technical training needs

  • Training goals

  • Appropriate trainers to deliver the professional development

  • Approximate costs associated with the training


*K12HSN staff is available to assist in identifying appropriate training vendors and costs if needed.


Approved applicants will be required to:

  • Stage and market the event

  • Use K12HSN’s online registration system for event registration

  • Invite K-12 IT professionals in the area

  • Assess training participant technical knowledge levels both before and after each training event using a customizable survey form provided by K12HSN

  • Customize the survey form to assess the specific topics covered in the training

  • Share survey data with K12HSN

  • Invoice K12HSN/ICOE and provide backup including sign-in sheets and invoices from training vendor and caterers. 

In any instance in which the efforts funded by the Technical Assistance and Professional Development Grant result in an artifact of the training, that is a video, podcast, a "how-to" guide, etc., said artifact should be provided to K12HSN in order to make the resource available statewide and in perpetuity.


Please let us know if you have questions. Our team can be reached at (760) 312-6158 or


1398 Sperber Road

El Centro, CA 92243

(760) 312-6158