Tech Support Call Scams

Overview: In a Tech Support Call Scam, a malicious actor, claiming to work for a well-known technology company, cold calls victims to convince them that their computer is being attacked, attacking another computer, or infected with viruses, and that the caller can remediate the problem. Victims who comply with the caller’s requests are highly likely to compromise their computer and experience monetary loss.


  • If you receive an unsolicited telephone call from a technology company, hang up and report the incident to either your local police department, Information Technology (IT) department, or the Internet Crime Complaint Center ( Most legitimate technology companies will not directly call a computer owner, unless the computer owner requested assistance.

  • Do not rely on caller identification (Caller ID) to authenticate a caller. Callers can spoof telephone numbers so they appear to be coming from another location or entity.

  • Never provide passwords or bank account information over the telephone; legitimate organizations will never call and ask for sensitive information.

  • Do not turn computer monitors off at the request of callers; legitimate organizations will never request the computer monitor to be turned off and will not cold call users.

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