2019 Cybersecurity Education Summit


June 12

10 a.m. 

The K-12 High Speed Network's TAPD service is delighted to sponsor the third annual Cybersecurity Education Summit designed specifically for leaders of the Cybersecurity Education Program's participating local education agencies.  This year, the summit will convene virtually using the Zoom Web Conference system.

The entirety of the event will focus on the roll out of CEP v3.0--the newest version of the Cybersecurity Education Program.  CEP v3.0 features a huge shift in the lesson modes seen in the Securing the Human course.  The current Securing the Human offering (v2.0) is replete with well produced, animated presentations of narrated content.  Version 3.0 still includes those lessons, but it will provide alternative lesson modes that your agency's Sentinel may want to include such as:

On Wednesday, June 12, join us online for a look at the new lessons as well as to engage your colleagues across California in chats regarding implementation strategies, effectiveness, and other topics.

Each hour, participants will be given access to two of the new lesson types for review.  First, the lesson formats will be briefly presented.  Then, participants take time to interact with the lessons.  Finally, participants will engage in online chats regarding the pros and cons of the various new lesson modes.

The event will conclude with a look at how Sentinels can request the new system as well as the series of badge-approved offering templates that you may choose from if you didn't want to create your own offering from scratch.

  • Applied Interactive Lessons

  • Host Led Lessons

  • Live Action Lessons

  • Micro Video Lessons

  • Mini Game Lessons

  • Situational Interactive Lessons