The What and the How

Initial enrollment form must be completed by local education agency superintendents or chief executives. 

The Cybersecurity Education Program (CEP) is a research-based, proven, and comprehensive program designed to engender a culture of cybersecure, cyber-aware, and cyber-enabled work force.  The program provides every member of your California K-12 public education agency with a robust set of resources at NO COST including:

  • Engaging, bite-sized, video-based online learning modules

  • Monthly newsletter for printing and distribution to targeted employee groups

  • Full color, print-ready posters for use in creating a cyber-aware environment

  • Managed, ongoing assessment program to determine your organization's vulnerability to phishing campaigns

  • Quarterly analytic reports regarding the progress your organization is making toward improved cybersecure behavior

  • Advanced communications training for locally designated cybersecurity awareness coordinators (Sentinels)

  • Annual cybersecurity education summit for your district's designated liaison

  • Monthly webinars regarding trending issues in the cybersecurity threat landscape


How does it work?  It's easy...

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v3.0 being released in June

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